4 Minutes. By: N. Ubani.


Time seemed to stop for a moment, the much grueling fifteen minutes wait was finally over; the lecturer, Mr Damian signaled me to grace his presence with my much awaited presentation on the topic, ‘Restoration Theatre’. It was finally my time to shine. I stepped forward; eyes glaring, blood pumping, […]

#ABAWAlBUM: ADEOLUWA Releases Highly Antiticipated Debut Album, “After Bells and Whistles”


On Saturday, August 10 2019, ADEOLUWA, released his ten track debut album, “After Bells and Whistles”. The Nigerian R&B singer had revealed that the album was “inspired by true events” and served as a “healing project” from his past relationship. Produced entirely by Braynezee Of NakedBeatz, the album explores the […]

A Migrant’s Journey Towards Achieving Academic Excellence. By: Sophia O. Ketiku.


Sophia O. Ketiku, an alumna of the University of Huddersfield shares her experience in the past 5 years as a migrant and foreign student. In her book, she makes us realize that we own our life and can get what we desire if only we focus, plan ahead and work […]

Kemi Smallz, Roo Boy, Njideka, Others Attend ADEOLUWA’s Private Album Listening Party.


R&B singer, ADEOLUWA, recently held an early listening party for his debut album – After Bells and Whistles – set for release in August 10. Artistes, contributors and gentlemen and women of the press and fans of the R&B singer converged at Bourbon House Café, Lagos, for the listening party […]

This Might Just Be You Too. By: StacySpeaks.


This is to all ladies trying to get themselves in shape but struggling with exercising, you are going to be alright!

A Conversation With Yemisi Ajeojo: ‘You Get Clarity By Taking The First Step’.


You recently authored a book, ‘Social media Is Your New CV. Can you tell us about the book and what prompted you to write it?    I won’t forget 2017 too soon when I moved back to Nigeria with a mind crowded with uncertainties resulting from the constant reminder by […]

“You Need God For Revelation And Google For Information”: Lessons From Google Fuel For Your Hustle Masterclass. By StacySpeaks.

stacyspeaks 1

In my opinion, I will say Google is a blessing to our generation and has brought the whole world closer to us. This post is dedicated to all hustlers out there who still keep grinding in the face of challenges. Regardless of your business, Google can be the fuel for […]



It was another Friday morning in Lagos, and the usual bustling in the city of Lagos was gaining momentum. Commercial buses were jostling passengers and Lagosians were pacing to their various places of work. The situation was not any different in Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos, where a horde […]

NAIJA, WHICH WAY? By: The George O’Nuel.


If I tell you say I never chop since yesterday, shey you go believe? See, wetin I wan yarn you na true talk, I no dey deceive I don taya for Naija, but still ehn, I LOVE THIS COUNTRY Naso I see Poverty way carry award on top my family tree […]

ROMANTIC ENGINEER. By: Ayomide Fasedu.


Long breathtaking kisses Here in my trance I lost all my senses If we’re gonna sin I hope we do it gently Bra straps taken off Clothes on the floor Chants of your name I moan As you slide in and out of my secret home Your hands don’t take […]

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