“You Need God For Revelation And Google For Information”: Lessons From Google Fuel For Your Hustle Masterclass. By StacySpeaks.

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In my opinion, I will say Google is a blessing to our generation and has brought the whole world closer to us. This post is dedicated to all hustlers out there who still keep grinding in the face of challenges. Regardless of your business, Google can be the fuel for your hustle.

The event which took place at Jogor Centre, Ibadan at 9am on July 4th, 2019 included: Digital Skills Training and Practical Visioning Sessions by the guest speakers: Funke Akindele Bello, a Nigerian actress, director and producer and Fela Durotoye a speaker and leadership consultant. Google Digital Skills Training educated attendees on the essence and use of Google products such as Google My Business, Local Guides, and Google Search. The goal of the Google Digital Skills Training is to improve the employability status of users. One can make searches on Google using the: Near Me and How To search.

Google My Business manages the online presence of businesses, helps customers find you and tell them the story behind your business. G.co/testmysite is a tool that tests site’s speed and gives recommendations on how to make a website perform better.

Growing Your Business Online.

  • Base your choice of social media platforms on whichever majority of your audience use.
  • Target your online campaign to precise locations and demographics
  • Content marketing is essential. Always sell out the idea behind a product rather than forcing it on customers.
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After both speakers shared their life experiences and how they evolved through the use of Google and technology, they left us with some nuggets to hold on to.

Lessons From Funke Akindele Bello

  • For you to be a hustler, you must have the passion for what you do.
  • As a hustler, how are you promoting and positioning yourself?
  • Use Google My Business to ensure that your customers can find you online.
  • To prevent loss of important details, save all necessary information on Google Drive.
  • While hustling you will get lots of challenges and NOs.
  • Encourage yourself without expecting anyone to encourage you.
  • Never give up! Don’t be distracted! If you don’t do it, someone else will.

Lessons From Fela Durotoye

  • Your hustle isn’t just what you do to put food on your table, but the dream that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you up late at night.
  • You will pay for everything you don’t know but will be paid for what you know.
  • Your future is not a time or day on the calendar, it is everything you can be which you have not yet become.
  • Your hustle must not only get you income but must also make an impact.
  • Whatever you do with a passion, you will do with a difference.
  • Depending on how you treat people, your name will either be a key or a padlock for coming generations.
  • Everything that will ever happen to you will happen through someone else.
  • Your hustle must be a solution to a problem in order to create prosperity.

In conclusion, according to Fela Durotoye, you need God for revelation and Google for information. Information is the fuel for your hustle!

Written by: StacySpeaks 2019

Photos Source: #fuelforyourhustle on Instagram

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