YOU CARRY GOD’S D.N.A. By: Oluwalana Oluwasegun.

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Most times our activities in life get us all choked up then we begin to ask ourselves questions that makes us anxious and afraid of the future. Obviously we see things around us that either inspire or make us depressed. You might feel the depressing aspect outweighs the good but it all depends on your perspective. 

The government has failed us, parents are giving up on their kids, our relatives have let us down, ignorance has killed many,  culture and tradition has made a lot become fanatics, many friends have disappointed us; certain systems have failed us. Daily we focus on these things and there is no reassurance that things will get better. We are all scared of what might happen next.

The anxiety of life and the enemy has stolen something precious from us.
Okewumi Abraham said: “LIFE IS LIKE MATHEMATICS, IT’S ONLY THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND AND APPLY THE APPROPRIATE FORMULA TO THE VARIETIES OF EQUATIONS THAT GET THE RIGHT ANSWERS”. This is very agreeable as, you can’t apply a wrong formula to an equation and get the right answer, no matter how much time you spend calculating. Every situation has its own solution; it’s left for us to think outside the box we have caged ourselves in.

THAT PRECIOUS THING… It is our identity. I’m not talking about your home town or father’s land. I’m referring to your ‘DIVINE IDENTITY’.
Your citizenship is more exclusive than the acquisition of a U.K green card. You belong to a heritage where God rule. This implies that you have a Heavenly Citizenship. When you understand your creator and his nature, you would save yourself from several challenges of life. Remember that who you are precedes what you do. When what you do is wired by who you are then it’s going to be an interesting journey for you.  Every successful person you see around has at one point found his/her life template is walking on that path. You are a divine being expected to walk through life with the demonstration of a full divine authority.

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Do you know that you share the same D.N.A with God? Your DNA uniquely identifies you from another person. You carry God’s DNA, even Gen 1:26 says, “Then God Said, “And Now We Will Make Human Beings; They Will Be Like Us And Resemble Us. They Will Have Power Over All Other Creatures.
You should know that God’s blood is running through your veins and makes you live purposefully. The rhema here is that breadth signifies God’s life in us and this automatically makes us QUEENS and KINGS on earth!

Reset your mind and focus on God. Get away from distractions in order to locate your identity in God through Christ. You are created to be envied and not to be pitied. Get up if you have fallen or feel disappointed; better days are here. You are designed to make impact and add certain flavor to life. God has an expectation on you. Locate your identity, understand the formula you need to apply to every issue that come your way. Rediscover yourself as you say:
Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my sins, have mercy upon me, I want to belong to your family and live a purposeful life. Today, I confess you as my Lord and personal saviour. Amen.

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Written by: Oluwalana Oluwasegun.

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5 thoughts on “YOU CARRY GOD’S D.N.A. By: Oluwalana Oluwasegun.

  1. Hmmnnn……. Pastor Segs., my Good friend… May God continue to give u more inspiration as u r a blessing to us……. May d Lord replenish u d more….
    Well done bro

  2. Hmmnnn……. Pastor Segs., my Good friend… May God continue to give u more inspiration as u r a blessing to us…..Inspiring & thoughtful write-up…… May d Lord replenish u d more….

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