I know the man in white.
Some believe he’s an angel in human skin,
Many call him Father.
I know the man in white.
He helped my village, he built hospitals,
He fed the poor and built schools.
I know the man in white.
He promised to help my father by taking me,
I would see the white man’s land and I would become great.
I know the man in white.
He would defile me every night,
Sometimes I find it hard to walk.
My body trembles and tears run down my face.
I know the man in white.
I dare not tell a soul, no one would believe me,
I would disappoint my father.
I will die soon,
I’m charged for murder.
It hurts so bad I couldn’t endure any longer.
Now I’m a criminal, I have blood in my hands.
All because of the man in white.
Written by: Ordeezy 2018.
Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.
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