Mama, how hard was it for you
To walk through hell with a smiling face
Why didn’t you run? Why didn’t you run?
Your scars and screams were our dinner
Night after night his fist met your face
Is daddy a monster? Why does he always hit you?
Mama, I’m scared of marriage
I’m scared of silent tears, I don’t want to die in silence
How do I love when it cost you your life.
Mama, you sleep where angels meet stones
Daddy cried like he loved you, like he cared
He wrote a beautiful epitaph with tears running down his cheek
They all believe he loved you, they think your death was natural
Are all men like daddy? Monsters in human skin
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, demons with halo.
Why didn’t you speak up mama? You’re no longer here mama
Mama, if you had spoken, you would have been saved.
Written by: Ordeezy.
Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.
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