What We Learnt: Writers’ Meet-Up Ibadan (1st Edition).


The first edition of Writers’ Meet-Up Ibadan, organised by Pencrib Literary Circle was an insightful and interactive gathering for young writers to discuss their experiences on the craft, make a public presentation of their works and network with one another. The event took place place on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 at BuildCode Space, Ibadan with 2 speakers in attendance- Adebayo Agarau (Poet) and Mr. Servio Gbadamosi (CEO, WinePress Publishers).

Attendees of the Writers’ Meet-Up Ibadan ev

Some notable lessons from the meet-up are:

  • Writing is for those who are ready to take up the challenge of writing.
  • Poetry isn’t ‘poetry’ if it doesn’t pass a message after it has been read.
  • As a poet, once an article leaves your desk and arrives in the hands of a reader, it becomes a conversation between their mind and yours.
  • Stop making yourself believe that you are writing for yourself because you don’t entirely do.
  • As a writer, your first thought should be to improve yourself rather than getting published or popular.
  • In order to write more, you must read more.
  • At the stage of publishing your work, don’t be scared of rejections. Be persistent.
  • You will be critiqued so be open minded.
  • Have conversations with yourself to find out why you want to be a writer.
  • With the popularity of technology, you have no excuse not to learn because talent is not enough.
  • Talent has to be nurtured through discipline.
  • What you invest in yourself is what you will get out so consume the right information always. Growth comes from what you feed on.
  • Reading is the best way to build your style and voice.
  • Constantly remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Never be too busy to develop and advance yourself.
  • Give yourself time to grow.

Among the brilliant creative writers that presented their works during the open mic session, my favorite article was one that called our attention to the the menace of bleaching and trying to pick up a skin color that isn’t ours.

I had an awesome experience and strongly anticipate the 2nd edition of the event. Pencrib Literary Circle is a non-governmental organisation set up to share knowledge, help and develop young writers.

Written by: StacySpeaks.

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