Walls. By: Ordeezy.


They didn’t understand when he said we kill them and in return they will kill us.

We kill them

Yes! We kill them! 

Those young ones, 

Our future, 

We murder them.

We create imaginary walls and call ourselves names they wanted us to bear.

Now we feed on one another and they do not care.

We are loyal pawns who played to their taste

This death, this hatred is our fate.

If only we broke the walls they erected,

If only we held hands and united,

If only we never played to their game

Racism, tribalism, xenophobia – same problem, different name!

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When are we going to realise

This walls are feign, lies!

If only we cared more about our brothers

And not our borders.

Aren’t we Africans? Sons of the same mother?

If we keep killing them,

Building this bridge in their head

This bloodshed will know no end.
© Ordeezy

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