VILLAGE EVANGELISM. By: Lawore Temiloluwa.


The eagerness of the first timers, the excitement of the regulars evident in their voices, the wide smile on their faces. They have all come with different expectations of what the experience will be, some don’t even know what to expect but they have all packed their bags, many after the struggle of words with parents and guardians have packed everything that can ever be needed. The journey starts and silence envelops them. The adventure of endless trees on a seemingly endless road. The journey comes to an end with a shocking view for the first timers of thatched roofs and mud houses, the bus dances to the rhythm of the untarred  road.  Finally, arriving at the camp, ìdìyá village, a survival of the fittest to get the ‘best space’ on the floor, then the journey of a lifetime of testimonies began.

These ones will be appalled, for in four days a change of forty years will take place.
The study started, great men taught and thirsty hearts listened, their being stirred up to speak of the love of the saviour. They raised voices in a heartfelt prayer and this continued until night time. The time to eat, the time of humbling… water became gold, their laughter rang out in the starred skied night, the clicking shots of the camera received funny faces as slowly their eyes start to dim.
Grumbling voices in sleep as the always strict commandants woke them up on a very cold morning, so early the cocks had not even crowed but they did all that needed to be done. The day of devotion, of study and of prayer, their burning passion for evangelism was unrelenting, capacities were being enlarged, “the devil don miss road” someone said, yes, he had because as these ones went out, unbelievers switched as they were translated into the kingdom of God’s dear son, the lame walked and the blind saw, their mouth filled with tongues and rejoicing. This happened every single day they were there.
It was not to be an excursion experience but then there are things that are truly experiences for these young hearts.
There was bonding,


They slept together
They ate the same thing
Two people shared half a bucket of water and one sachet of water (don’t be scared, this is not always the case)
They partnered in evangelism and in prayer
They worked together in divided groups of a love feast.

What else can I say, of course so much more but then, in an experience like this, words have a way of failing us. The fire shall keep on burning.

This piece is written by  Lawore Temiloluwa. You can check her on ig @t.e.m.i.d.e.

Photo source: Google Chrome.

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