Underwear Can Be Smart Too! By: Theresa Ogar.


The wisdom of underwear seems amiss in a good number of people these days as underwear is worn or exhibited as part of the outfit. Let us get it though, underwear is an item of clothing worn beneath the outfit for protection, comfort, and ‘packaging’. Dissecting the compound name ”underwear”- ‘under’ and ‘wear’; that is, wear worn under one’s outfit which includes bra, pants, singlet, briefs, tights, boxers, etc. Wiktionary simply defines underwear as clothes worn next to the skin, underneath outer clothing; still, some people in need of fashion police are proving the true essence of underwear archaic. For instance, a guy exposing his briefs in the name of being in the vogue of sagging. 

A fanatic fashionista will naturally frown at any form of undergarment being exposed for various reasons:

# One will look less smart. Now compare two guys both on jeans, Tee-shirt and sneakers, one sagging and exposing his boxers or brief and the other not, which of the guys do you think will appear smarter? or two ladies wearing off-shoulder top, one, the bra strap showing and other not, which will look preferable? Looking smart is smart business you know.

# One will be Less comfortable. When you are dressed and you keep adjusting one or two on your body the whole time, you know how uncomfortable that could be plus the unnecessary attention you just might be pulling yourself.

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Samples of wrongly worn underwear.

# Appearance of indecency: The eyes of human is so sharp; it is a feeder to the mind, exposing the undergarment could spur sleeping imaginations and or desires, it creates a form of irritants to some persons. Since we are not islands; we live with and sometimes for people, being considerate will be proof of a good heart and morals. 

PS: If I were to be alone in this world, walking around the universe stark naked will be my first adventure, but then…

In all sense of sanity, one cannot wear an undergarment over the outfit, say you put on your singlet over your shirt, how absurd could that be? In that vein, it will be nice if we wear clothing for what they are and made for. For instance strapless bra for bare/off-shoulder dress or top, a throng or G-string for a body con.

 Let us now place focus on VPL.

Visible Panty Line(VPL) is almost a trend with a lot of ladies playing nonchalance to it, a queen doesn’t portray that, it is a taboo to the etiquette of dressing! Let us make it a capital NO! in our dressing as classy ladies. While it is a source of irritation for some people, it’s a ‘turning-on’ point for some of my male fam(am sure our decent side wouldn’t want that). My opinion though, whenever the pant lines or colours are showing, it tells of one’s low knowledge of undies and wearing them correctly.

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The VPL comes up because the wrong pant for the dress is worn. It could be that it is too tight(making the ass cheek segregate, which then kills the purpose of comfort)or the hemming of the pant is thicker than the material of the dress. For example, a thick cotton pant(hipster) rather than a thong worn beneath a body con skirt or wearing a pant smaller than the butt. Get the picture of the conspicuousness of the pant lines, you see it right?

Dressing right is a sign of one’s intellect even before speaking, remember, your dress is a statement. No one needs a fashionista to broadcast that underwears are discreet wears and should be kept discreet. Both the male and female folks should bear in that dressing smart is smart business, spread the smart news!

Written by: Theresa Ogar.

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