#TrueTalk: SHOCK THE NAYSAYERS. By: StacySpeaks.


I constantly and consciously ask myself, who am I or what exactly do I want? I fail to find answers to this questions. Some days everything seems bleak; I feel like I’m not going to make it through the next minute, afterwards I find myself alive even 2 weeks later. Oh well! That is life guess.

Life is what you make of it. Life is the positive energy you feel around you. Life is what makes you wake up every day with the spirit of a hustler; just make sure your hustle pays. Life is the little cute things people do to make you smile. Life is when we stop making life unbearable for people. Life is when we stop breathing and know that we no longer have life. Life is love and love is living.
Can we just stop breaking hearts already, stop making promises you don’t mean.



Smile sincerely, laugh uncontrollably, cry when you have to; there is no shame in it. Stop filling the world with hatred. The sky remains blue each passing day; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the cycle of day and night begins all over again.

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Most times we only learn how these things operate scientifically but we fail to study the principles behind them. Without light there is no day and without darkness there is no night. If there is no day we wouldn’t need the sun and if there is no darkness we wouldn’t know the impact of the moon and stars. As humans you’ll inevitably pass through sunny, dark and even stormy days but the people around us can only make us feel better about ourselves if they are the sun by day, moon/star by night or peace during life storms. Understand how the seasons of life operate, only then can you relate with these things.

You think your life is terrible, you think there is no reason to push further, oh! That’s just what you think. You are ready to give up right? Don’t make people pity you because they actually don’t. They only feel sorry for how feeble minded you are, for how quick you find it easy to call it quits. You shut out everyone in your life yet you begin to preach that no one cares about you. Don’t ever force friendships or relationships and not everyone has to be in your ship so keep you circle tight.

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No one wants to know how hard you are working, all they want to see is results. No one wants to associate with a failure, everyone wants to famz successful people even if you never contributed to their success story. Make your success a surprise, shock the naysayers and leave them jaw-dropped!

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018.

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