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Men are scum. This is what past experiences taught me. There was a man who slept with me and left me almost immediately afterwards and another made me believe he liked me and then toyed with my feelings afterwards.😖😖😖

There was a man who called me an idiot merely because I bore my mind out to him and yet another who gossiped with his friends about me. There were men, a whole lot of men who, I now realise, were animals, and so, they treated me as such. That’s why, Pipa, that’s why. That’s why I never cared for all that you had to say. It’s why I never believed the feelings you claimed to have😏😏. It’s why I ignored your calls and ghost read your messages. Pipa, it’s why I pushed you away so violently without regards for your emotions😥. I have been made to believe I’m unloveable, that’s why I only laughed when you said you loved me. I have been robbed of my emotions, that’s why I maintained a straight face each time you told me I was pretty. I have never treated anybody as badly as I treated you, that’s why I’m here appealing that you find it in your heart to forgive me. I now realise the comfort your soft touches gave me. I realise the soothing words you whispered in my ears instilled a great deal of confidence in my feeble self. Now, I realise that after you’ve given my life so much meaning, it no longer makes sense without you😋😋. Pipa, with all the strength and sanity I have left, I’m begging you to forgive me for pushing you away😳😳😳. Overlook all the wrongs I did you and blame them on immaturity and fear. I’m begging that you no longer treat me like a stranger. With my heart filled with remorse, my eyes filled with tears, my soul filled with emptiness and my arms wide open, I’m begging that you take me back. Pipa, take me back, shakara is over.

PIPA is an abbreviation for ‘People I’ve Pushed Away’. And ‘men’, in this context, refers to humans generally.
Ps: God will judge anybody that uses this picture as a meme😢

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Written by –  #FeezahWrites.

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