Those Memories, Live Them Now! By: StacySpeaks.


Before the death of Kobe Bryant, I had no idea who he was; I bet I wasn’t the only one in the dark because I heard the whispers of other social media users. Some called him a musician and the most hilarious one said he was one of the guys behind the creation of Facebook. His exit is no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Kobe’s pictures and those of his daughter flooded the internet and three things struck my mind.

First, how quickly one’s life could change in a moment. I thought about his family how they probably woke up that fateful Sunday morning and had plans for the day, the next, and more days. Well, they might be seeing more days but not as a complete Bryant family but as survivors.
Secondly, how death could skyrocket one’s popularity in the twinkle of an eye. How people want to be associated with one who dies as an achiever or let’s just say has left a mark.
Lastly, how so many pictures of himself and daughter resurfaced. I’m like where did you guys get all those pictures from? The truth is, the day you take a picture or make those cute goofy videos of yourself, you have no idea which will be tagged as – ‘in loving memory of our daughter, son, friend, or whatever you are referred to’.

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Keep your memories alive, live in the moment; when you are gone, those memories would no longer be yours but will be for those you have left behind. I hope for strength and pray for fortitude – without any doubts, a hole has been created in the hearts of his family and those who sincerely love him and his kid. Life always does happen and God alone has the answers to those questions you wish to ask.

Since you have no idea what the next minute holds, I urge that you live to the fullest, be happy, show compassion to everyone, smile, be a light in someone’s dark world, bring peace to those around you, don’t be a part of the religious, racial, political, and gender wars happening around. Just be you and stay true to yourself; what memories do you wish to leave behind? Live them now!

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Written by: StacySpeaks 2020.

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