#ThisIsNigeria: THE YAHOO TALE. By: Ordeezy.

The street taught me to be happy during good and bad times
To share my pain with friends during the day and night times.
The streets also taught me that easy money is good money
My friends, with latest designers and hottest girls in the hood
I’m a laughing stock because I rely on my parents for basic amenities.
Maybe I wanted to be a big boy, maybe I want to be a yahoo boy
My girlfriend would be hotter than Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj
Popular artists would mention my name in songs
Adding the popular chieftancy title “G-wire”
Party every nights with celebrities I always loved.
I would steal the spotlight in every show and boys
will raise both hands up and shout “Twale baba”
I guess I would live in my fantasy.
I would forever carry the guilt of unseen tears and unheard voices
of those whose hard work and sweat were robbed by me
I would have restless nights and will sell my peace of mind for foreign currency
I would become an untrained athlete, running away from the law
Chased down by SARS and other anti-corruption agencies
It might take time for me to realize that I’m an armed robber
with the cyber world and my wit as my weapon
I might blame it all on the government for their corrupt ways
And realize that I had lost my way
By the time I realise that all was vanity
I might have died with a rope round my neck or a bullet through my chest.
Photo source: Google Chrome Images.
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