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Anyone who tries to call me fat or mock my protruding tummy gets a well prepared lecture on how I’m so pleased with my plum, short self and how I try not to lose weight completely but burn tummy fat while maintaining my looks. Regardless of my self-confidence and how perfect I see myself, there are times I say;

Oh boy, the struggle is real; I need to burn some fat.

My Workout Sessions:

After noticing an increase in the size of my cheeks or my tummy which now looks like a bag of rice, I begin to plan my one month 30 minutes workout session excluding Sundays which I could call my cheat day.

Since I am shy to exercise in front of people because my chest carries the entire universe and I feel all eyes are focused on that area while I skip; I schedule my sessions for 5:30am when the day is not so bright and everyone around is still in their personal space. The sad part is that when the alarm goes up, I grumpily reset it to the next 15 minutes which later becomes 30, 45 minutes then 1 hour later and boom! The day is bright; I need to prepare for work so no work out for me. “One week gone, three more to go; I really need to get in shape”, I say to myself and decide to wake up by 6am for a 15 minutes routine.


I am so dedicated in the first two weeks; I skip, squat and do some tummy workout. The pain that comes with the next few days is one I hate to deal with; one that makes me unable to laugh hysterical when I need to. When I begin to feel like I’m burning fat in the wrong places rather than my tummy, I decide it’s time to take a break till further notice. I drink loads of water, ginger and lemon tea along with intermittent fast but hardly see obvious results because almost every day is my cheat day; local woman cannot kill herself. For over a month I have been trying to start a new routine but I keep snoozing the alarm. Its August already and where is my summer body? Guess it’s still loading.

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Written by: StacySpeaks 2019


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