Your parents don’t have the duty of making you happy. Their duty as ordained by Christ is to be fruitful, multiply, provide for you and show you the right path🚴🚴🚴. You choose to be happy, it’s absolutely fine; you don’t, that’s also acceptable. That’s your personal problem😰. Your parents have done their duties; do yours for yourself because no one, not even them owes you anything👦👦👦. It’s entirely your choice if you agree with me or not, I’m not here to argue with you😎. The truth is that even if some people have someone who provides and gives them everything they desire they are still not happy😫😫. In fact they can never be happy. The world is filled with so much madness and drama👻. Everyone has a level of madness real life.
Everyone (except me) feels everyone owes them something. They don’t ‘hit’ you up unless you hit them up📱, they are always wanting a hit, violent people 😏; then all of a sudden they accuse you of forgetting them. Any time I remember all this I get really angry like I’m getting right now. They are the reasons why many good people turn bad, they are the reasons why many people with emotions get rained out and can’t feel anything again☹️☹️. They are the reason why people like me felt withdrawn on our first date and now it has become a constant thing. They are the reason why one can be happy this minute 💃💃and then be angry for the rest of the month🙍. They smile, they call you ‘friend’, they tell cooked up eulogy ✍️✍️about you on your birthday and when they see you’ve tasted a little success, just to famz you. They always make me feel like losing all the dignity, home training and self control in my body and just curse them. Those people, those people, THEY! They are what we call toxic…💨💨, they are not what we call bad… not even close. They are what we call ‘the worst’.
Quick question for them (I’m sure you have some of them you would like to ask); how do y’all do it? I mean, how can you be so vile, so possessive and yet you sleep at night with your two eyes closed? How? Just thinking out loud you know💭!

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Anonymously written.

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