Writing is the only place I find solace. Writing makes me feel like I am speaking to a friend who listens to every detail and makes me feel relieved but actually has no solution to my problem📝📝📝.
There are so many wrong things going on in our lives and society but no one is ready to address it though we all clamor for change😕😕😕. Change begins on an individual level. The content of this post is going to be as factual and plain as possible. Sit back, think about it as you read.

Most mean and heartless criminals come from homes where love doesn’t exist💔💔💔. In fact they live in houses and haven’t had the feel of being in a home. Parents go ahead quarreling, separating and eventually getting a divorce all this happen without considering the children in their union💣💣. The man beats his wife, the woman says nasty things to her husband right in the presence of their children👥👥👥; the young children who do not have the ability to know good or bad picks up these nasty behaviors from their parents who are suppose to be good role models to them.
We can’t totally rule out marital issues between couples because we are human and are unpredictable, however, let’s do our best to keep our children out of it all. They are innocent gifts from God even if the child came unexpectedly or you never wanted a baby. Whatever the case may be don’t let this children learn to harbor hatred and insecurity else irresponsible parents would give birth to innocent irresponsible children and so it moves from generation to generations polluting the society😫😫😫.

Moving on🚵🚵🚵…
When a child isn’t performing too well in school, being sluggish, behaves silly or doesn’t just make you proud at all; you don’t have to scream at them. In my life I have never heard a testimony that ranting, caning or insults has improved a child’s performance so I think it’s high time we changed our orientation and try out a new approach. Flogging or insulting a child only makes them lose their self esteem even among their peers in school they begin to think, “no, I am not good enough, dad says I do stupid things, I am very careless I won’t do it right, what if I make a mistake and everyone laughs at me, I just can’t do it”. Gradually they unconsciously bring themselves down and become useless to themselves and the society❌❌❌. All you can do for your child is to pray for them, encourage them in their passion, tell them that they are great, make them do what they do best and encourage them even if you don’t like their passion, after all everyone has different talents.
I want parents to begin to encourage entrepreneurship in their children. Stop telling them to face only their studies and ignore anything that isn’t a book. In fact I believe that in building intelligence, a child should be able to combine academics with extra curricula activities without making any of them suffer. If they need capital for their business, borrow them and make sure they pay you back don’t dash them the money💰💰💰; this would give them a consciousness to always be diligent because they have depts to pay😉😉😉.

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We are in the 21st century let’s stop this ”omo get inside” thing; I’m sure you know what I mean. Parents stop preventing your kids from going out with friends and socializing. In fact the society will teach these children more than what they’ll learn within the four walls of their bedroom😕😕😕. Allow them to bring their friends home I mean male and female friends👫👫👫👫, have dinner with them all, know the kind of people your children hang out with. The moment your child begins to make moves that they don’t want you to know about you’ll notice it quickly because you are already used to knowing their friends. Give them transport fare to go for religious and social events it would give them memories that would linger📝📝📝. Don’t forget that today’s bad experience equips you for tomorrow’s activities. Allow them to make mistakes so that they won’t make a more costly mistake in future.

Have you noticed that once your children open the door for you after work they stop whatever movie they were watching in the sitting then serve your dinner and quietly walk to their rooms lock the door and act like they are asleep😯😯😯; you need to check yourself. You are gradually becoming a monster to those children that they can’t bear sitting in the same room with you because they know you ll give them the story of their life and make them feel bad all over again👾👾👾.
Stop the habit of bringing back to life an issue that has already been discussed, settled and forgotten.
Stop doing things that have a direct or indirect negative impact on little children because as they grow the awful memories linger📝📝📝.


Say nice things to your children each day, remind them that they are beautiful; tgis goes a long way in building their self confidence.

I have friends who get sad when holidays are close by. They say things like, “I don’t even feel like going home, ohhh I wish I don’t have to go home”. People like this will do anything to stay away from home🏇🏇🏇. Many of them are already saving money to rent an apartment after their University education because they can’t tolerate the heat in their house. The last time I checked, everyone is meant to feel at home when they are at home but the case is different for a lot of kid; they only live in the house without experiencing what a home feels like🏠🏠🏠.

I have survived some ugly situations but I chose to be good and let it all go. However, I haven’t been able to totally run from the memories, it has made me this way. I was never an introvert, in fact I say everything I see, my mouth didn’t have filter because I was a happy child and all of a sudden I find it hard to sustain a conversation, I carefully select my words trying to hold myself from discussing my fears and feeling bad about what life throws at us. I am a work in progress. Parents should help us; children don’t have to go through all the insanity in this world🙇🙇🙇.

Let me stop here and drink water 🍶🍶🍶but I ll surely be back.

I am StacySpeaks, I will keep speaking while you listen. Merry Christmas in advance and have a prosperous yea ahead!

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  1. Wonderful piece, captivating too.
    In my thinking, the parents are also work in progress and need frank but courteous feedback from the children.
    My advice, children must come out of their hole to playfully engage the parents on their fears and aspirations. Remember that the joy of every parent is to be a part of the development of their children. Communication is key to all mutually beneficial relationships.
    Kudos my Lady, thumbs up.

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