When we first started, it felt like a joke

We did nothing but ignore the butterflies in our stomach

But as time went on I began to see the truth

Imagined what my life would look like without you.

When I think of you it gives me great joy

Your words alone inspire me

When I dream of you it’s all about fun

Reading you alone means life to me

No word from you in a day, means my day has been empty

But the sound of your voice brings the rush of good things

I realised love is not about the sweetness alone

But about the sweet sorrow

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I do not just want to be your lover

But the one who takes the walk of a lifetime with you.

Even when you are experiencing your painful pleasures

If words of how much I love you alone could seal a deal

Then I will fill the world with them.

Photo by: MAK Studios

This poem is written by Moejoe (2017)

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