THE WAIT. By: Don Dave.


…it’s time; rappers please emerge from where you’re hidden…

You will all agree with me that there’s a level at which a child will be excited about the arrival of a new gift especially from the people close to them and how they talk about it.

Well in this case, I agree I’m the child patiently and mournfully waiting for the arrival of a special gift from someone I’m close to that is not close to me, yeah! isn’t that sad, he doesn’t even know I exist.

I can confidently beat my chest that I’m not the only one in this, on a 100, I’m sure many others are in my shoes even though it’ll be too loose for some people. What have I been waiting for? someone should ask me. Well, since early 2016 when I took a dose of what good Nigerian rap is, I’ve always salivated for more of him spitting out raw venom and creating a wake up call for other rappers in Nigeria.

Having announced the title of his upcoming studio work, I’ve turned on post notifications both in Instagram and Facebook, in fact I’m not shy to say I’m stalking him.

I’m talking about Jude Abaga, the Nigerian rap king, ain’t no rapper badder than. You can’t talk of Nigerian or African rap without the Chairman’s name in it. Even at this, the rap king doesn’t want to be compared to mediocre rappers when he said
”Ama say this one time and one time only
After that we’ll let it be what it is
You ain’t a hip hop writer
A hip hop dj, hip hop producer
I don’t respect your opinion about my craft
You make a rap list, please do me a favour
Leave me off of it”.

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Buttressing my point, he cleared all other rappers about not being on their level on one of his tracks (NotJustOk/Savage) where he said ‘…my n**** you tell me to take a picture of my class, I’m taking a selfie’, I don’t even think you know how excited I was on hearing about the new album.

Legends are never forgotten; that was why MI said
‘If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on now
Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see’

On the third verse of All Fall Down, a track on Illegal Music III, he summoned all the rappers and said
”Number one question
Is why was M.I missing
Well for like a decade
I’ve been on a mission pushing
Tryna raise this hip hop music
Tryna put it in position
All the n***** I was with don tell me nobody would listen
Imagine running against the green
Pursuing vision
I guess my feet were tired so soon as I found a cushion
Had to take a breather
I should’ve asked permission
Flow is still sick though these rappers are are remission
Yeah, let em know they should get some ammunition
I’m back to schooling rappers
Better ready your tuition
Cullenery art I’m so experienced in the kitchen
It’s gonna be hard to eat now cause M.I is competition


Curtains start to open
It’s the end of intermission
I hard that most of y’all were dissing
But life will soon apart to all you silly n***** wisdom
Gravity is not a superstition
No matter how high…”

Let me leave you with the fact that MI will stop doing music soon which will be one of the greatest losses to the African hip hop world, I will miss him. Let me contribute my little quota to developing the Nigerian hip hop by appealing to rappers to emerge from where they’re hidden.


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