THE STORY OF MY LIFE. By: StacySpeaks.


It’s amazing how I don’t get sick of staying in the same environment all day. I sit in my closet without stepping out to see what colour the sun has picked up today🌞. I’m not scared of the crowd but I fear making a mistake in the midst of angry eyes’🙅🙅🙅. I rather take a cold bottle of water🍶🍶 on a cold morning than a hot cup of tea☕☕☕. I don’t mind taking rice 🍚consecutively for a week but don’t try giving me pap or semovita because I’ve had a miserable experience with both meals when I was younger which makes me run for my life when I hear about them🏃🏃🏃. You won’t imagine how I protect my hands with a nylon and spoil my face when I am trying to clean up a plate of pap because I feel it’s disgusting😷😷😷.

I could spend a week watching a movie of 1 hour 35minutes but finish reading a novel of 600pages in two days. How weird😏. I find it difficult to answer the question, “how do you have fun?” or “what do you do for fun?” This question suddenly makes me self-conscious and I begin to judge myself all over again😟😟😟. 
People say “Stacy, it’s not nice the way you look at people with bad eyes”, on a sincere note I don’t know what you refer to as ‘bad eyes’. I have some sort of eye defect I am dealing with so pardon my looks but I sure don’t mean any harm🙏. Sometimes my eyes ache to the extent that I wish I could remove it from its socket, wash it up and plug the eyeballs back in there. Some say “You are too serious with life, you read a lot, you need to smile more often… and you keep to yourself a lot”. You all make me smile with your comments but a little girl just wants to live her life the best way she can. The ones that get to my heart are those who say, “You joke too much.., I love how you balance up your life, you are such a sweet girl, you’ll make a good wife, I love your charisma…, she is StacySpeaks…, you have a big heart…”. I feel loved by those who take their time to tell me what I’m doing wrong and those that encourage me😍😍😍.
I am actually going through a process of self-discovery so I really don’t focus on the analysis of others. The truth is that I love being busy and I feel very uneasy when I have an uncompleted task. There are four odd things I sincerely love. They are: a socket by my bedside, good food, my privacy and a good  network connection😎. They bring me joy that no other human can give. I am that girl that just wants to experience love, family and make life worth living😀. I am not an ordinary girl. I am StacySpeaks👸. I speak and I am glad you listen🙋.

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