THE PAIN I CARRY. By Adegbite Arinola.


We were made for each other yet we don’t understand each other

We love one another but we still despise each other.

We believed in rumours and focused not on our feelings and emotions.

I got swayed away hoping to find solace in your arms. But they were just a fantasy.

I was once your priority but now I don’t even have a place in your heart.

Despite having you I thought I was enough yet I was still obsessed with you because I know your feelings ain’t genuine.

Steadily you wish to see me in tears

After spending years together.

Those empty space you left behind

Made me reminisce on the past and asked my self if we were ever meant to be.

You care not about my gloomy face


All you care for is for me to just be there.

You ain’t interested in my story

You care about romance and all.

Should I blame your maker?

He’s not at fault though.

We ain’t get it straight

All your words ain’t right

You know how much I care

But I can’t even dare

Dare to tell you my mind

For am not on your mind.

Fought tirelessly with my heart

So we can hurt together.

All those blistering wounds ain’t

Showing sign of helping up.

I mustered up courage to let go of

those feelings but I was addicted to you

You were the poison and I am the antidote

To the poison she left behind.

I always thought I would sink ,

So I dare not swim because you won’t

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Be there to rescue me while drowning.


This piece is written by Arinola Adegbite 2017 of Bowen University, Iwo. Photocredit: Google chrome.

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