I went through Forbes list sometimes and I can’t remember seeing a medical doctor or practitioner at least in the top 100 and then I don’t know any medical doctor who has created 5000 jobs by being an entrepreneur.

Am a curious person who likes to project into the future and sincerely as successful as many of my lecturers are I honestly think something is missing.

I remember sitting in Medical Psychology class and my lecturer making it clear to me that being a doctor might not make you rich but will make you comfortable. I find this depressing that doctors and health care practitioners are to busy to the extent that they generally have no entrepreneurial goal. This is so serious that we have few medical practitioners who are political giants whose political views are widely revered by the country.
Yes too much work takes our time even from studentship but I believe that our intelligence cannot only save lives but save other aspects of the country!

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We should not dream of internship, residency and consultancy salaries but hope that it could be a capital to start something. It’s high time we started giving useful political advice and taking up political positions to change things. You don’t have to wait till you are named Minister of Health or the Surgeon General of the Federation if this positions gets created eventually.


We can help the government by creating Jobs through various investments no matter how small we start,  we should not dream of comfortability when there could be satisfaction.

Nigerian medics it’s time.

This piece is written by Joshua Idowu (2015). He is a 500 Level Dental Student in The University Of Lagos (UNILAG).


  1. Good morning stacy, how was ur night, that’s a good idea from joshua idowu, I’m not a medical student anyway, but if they are to drop their own idea for the betterment of our country fine, if he think is not going to affect their work because. U can’t just give ideal u join them politics require time. Due to nature of their work In the case of entrepreneur private hospitals is allow if there is money to fund it. But to say the fact with this you will know someone that really believe in future and betterment of our country. Kudos to him👍 their intelligent cannot only saves live but save other part of the country. NICE1. Joshua want to make big money

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