THE MAD MAN. By: Ayomide Fasedu.


The madman is my friend
He speaks of life before he met his friends
An adventrous world where he laid on gold
A world of joy with never ending happiness
A world where he thought could always be him
Then it crashed

I tell the tale of the madman as his journey began
Like a twist his life became a circus
He runs naked and laughs at his reflection
A stain on the earth
A child born to lead turned to a slave sleeping in dirt
In his insanity he lost all forms of sanity
Now his echos are heard around the world but his location unknown

I write my story to the madman for he is brave
He doesn’t hide but he is never seen in plain sight
He doesn’t try to please the snakes that roam this earth
My story wasnt the worst but it sure had its own crack on the wall
An endless pit of turmoil that would make a man run mad
Yet the madman laughed as he heard my tale as amusement became his mood

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At first i cried as i poured my heart out
Then the music began and i laughed with my friend in the cave
Though we had lost all hope we laughed at everything that made us hurt
And each pain eased as each laughter bloomed
Now i never doubt the mad man for he was once sane before the world made him loose sanity
And while loosing sanity i held his hands and followed him to the world of colours
Now tell me if i too became mad or i found the one thing i craved in sanity
©Ayomide Fasedu.

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