THE LIFE SHE LIVES. By: Oba’s_imagery and StacySpeaks.

Oba’s Imagery is a creative photographer who uses his pictures to tell a story. Here is his latest photo shoot with a short narration I have put together to accompany the pictures. Let’s go on this ride into the Nigerian rural community.

We find ourselves in this community
where the girl child has to forfeit school,
help her mum with the day’s sale at the shop.

She spends her whole day trying to believe that she is living her best life.
She sits for hours looking out for customers like a bride waiting for her groom;
It is such a competitive world where she is surrounded by traders of the same trade.

They all sell exactly the same thing due to their myopic mind set;
the moment they find one customer, they all want to be patronised,
leaving the buyer in a state of dilemma, confusion and eventually settling for the one whom their heart chooses out of pity.

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The seller becomes the happiest individual alive,
she tries to be all shades of pleasant and friendly just to retain the buyer in the future.

The cycle goes round and round everyday of her live until she is delivered.
Regardless, she is happy, full of live and acts like she is in control.

Take a minute to appreciate every small scale business owner;
they are only trying to meet our needs and make ends meet!

Writer: StacySpeaks

Model: Princess itama.  IG: @osehhh__

Photographer: Oba’s_imagery

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