All Glory to God that I finally finished this piece. It’s all about practice, patience, persistence, hard work, prayer and the grace of God.

Title : Joy Of Childhood

Medium : Ballpen on alabaster paper(#Birowork)

Size : 16 by 12 inch(A3)

Duration : Approximately 120hrs

Inspiration : The joy of childhood has endless laughter, innocent games, finding life’s delight to enjoy the adventure of a new journey to excitement. Knowing neither grief nor worry, lost in the jolly world, aspiring to build a happy dream world.

Those day’s were so nice; Everyone has a memory of it that can’t be forgotten. I wish I could retrace the steps I’ve trodden, I wish to be a child again *smiles. it was the happiest time but that now can’t be bought.

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Joy of childhood, forget not its sweetness.

Behold! The tenderness remains endless.

Content by: Onomzy Art 2018.

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