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Nigeria, the kingdom of animal headed by animals🐒🐯🐍🐈. What is this abundantly blessed country turning into? The affairs of the country makes us all shudder😥.
Because we are black they refer to us as coloured, apes, Nigga and all sort of stereotypical names. Nigerians don’t even seem ready to restructure those names to something we’ll all be proud of.

The government have turned the country into a wildlife reservation, where animals swallow money, where offices🏪 become microfinance banks🏦; who even stores money in an office in the 21st century? Evidently Nigerians do. When are we going to desist from corruption? It starts with self discipline.

Where do we stand internationally🌎? Even animals in Nigeria have been corrupted. Who wants to relate with a country where Snakes🐍 swallow their money. I just hope our corrupt leaders regain their conscience and think about the country’s integrity.
Dear Nigerian youths, how do we intend to save our beloved country? Our nation deserves more and if we are going to witness a positive change it all begins with you and I. If there is any movement on how to save this country I stand to be a part of it✔. I represent Green White Green🇳🇬.

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To the president👳 I think to an extent you’ve betrayed the country, the trust citizens have in you💔💔. The people you promised change are disappointed in you. You failed to some extent in fighting your so called corruption. People who disguise themselves as Snakes and Monkeys should be killed immediately since they are tired of being human⚔️⚔️.
Am writing this to make a movement operation “Save Nigeria” the youth who are politically oriented should be given chance to assume power. If change is to start it will begin in the politically.
We must change the stereotypes the western countries have given us.

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“The labour of our hero’s past shall never be in vain” as the National Anthem says. I support operation save Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria!

Written by: Abioye Abdullah.

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