When I never knew fear,
When my eyes were far from tears,
For all around me was love and care,
Shown to me by family and friends.
When 5 naira could buy me much food,
When 1 naira could do a beggar much good,
For I was raised in a hood,
Where everyone was treated as they should.
When lovers would share love with a bottle of coke,
Smile and laugh even at the “dryest” jokes,
For when Instagram wasn’t yet in vogue,
Our Wives stayed home, but now they’ve all gone rogue!
When love letters did the talking,
For sweet words were the ladies cravings,
Now there’s no love without money,
And if you don’t have a ride, she can’t call you “Honey”
Unfortunately “those good old days” are now fairy tales.

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Written by: Kmajiks

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