THE ESCAPE. By: Adesola Adesesan.


I have only ever seen the four walls of this tiny room, as far back as I can remember.
It is quite small in here. It looks like an old store house, I could stretch out my hands and I’ll touch either side of the brown wooden wall.
A single light bulb dangled from the ceiling, the room was stuffy with only a window as means of ventilation. The room smelt damp and was very quiet.

I rested my back against one side of the wall, folded my legs and hugged myself.
I couldn’t remember how I got in, but I know how long I’ve been in here. Whenever I woke up and heard the birds chirping I would quickly draw a stroke on the wall, I had counted those short, thick strokes and  I had been in this store house for approximately 14 years.

But all that ran through my mind was a million thoughts of how to escape from here.
I longed to get out of this place, I longed to see the birds I hear chirping in the morning, I longed to see how the sun and sky looks and have a different feel of life.
I had made so many plans on the things I would do the day I set foot outside this room. My plans were ridiculous, they were wild plans, they were plans to go on all the adventures i had missed while I sat lonely in this room.
As I planned the escape, I realised that my thoughts were scattered and different from any initial plan I had,  I couldn’t even plan a simple escape without having to hear series of quiet, still voices in my head, it got me confused. Over time, I got used to hearing those strange voices, those voices eventually became my friends and I named each of them.
Sometimes, I would hear a little child laughing and giggling. This voice sounded so playful. It sounded like a 5 year old, she laughed alot and always had silly, funny ideas and so I named her krystal.

Other times I would hear a quiet and seemly lovely voice. The voice spoke with so much eloquence and coordination, it looked like she had practiced before speaking. She knew a lot of things, quite intelligent; i couldn’t attach an age but I named her Anna.

There was this particular voice that creeped  me out. It was a deep masculine voice. He sounded good, though he would always flirt with me, promising me a lot of sexual things he would do once we got out of this room. One time, I think he tried to peck me but I shoved him with my elbow which hurt my ribs instead. I couldn’t attach an age, but I kept calling him TJ.

Then there was my voice, I guess because it was the only voice that sounded pretty normal to me.
While I made plans, Krystal would include her plans of playing with the flowers and butterflies in the garden, or making trips to Disney land, TJ would also include his of taking me to Paris and staying in a hotel where we would be forever, he wouldn’t forget to say we would get married and have children and live happily ever after.
Anna wasn’t left out of the planning, Anna wanted to visit all 7 wonders of the world or sit in the library all week reading some history or science book… planning the escape was very difficult but I had to call all three of them to order very soon.

One bright morning (I knew it was bright because the sun streamed in a straight line through the window), I heard the birds chirping again, their chirps sounded unusually loud this morning, I had already gotten up to draw a stroke on the wall when I heard Krystal giggle, “Let’s go, Let’s go” she said so excited. “Keep quiet” I whispered back but Krystal still protested.
“Look! I heard Anna say calmly. Well, over time I had learnt to trust Anna and her judgments so I reluctantly looked up and saw that the single wooden door stood slightly ajar.

I stared at the door and quickly got up, dusted my body and moved closer to the door, I pushed the door with the tip of my fingers and was surprised to see that it was actually open, I opened the door completely and ran out.
It felt so good to be outside. Unlike the damp smell I had always inhaled, outside smelt lovely and beautiful.

Krystal fell on the grass and rolled back and forth, Anna stood by a bush of sunflowers, rubbing each leaf between her fingers while TJ stood right beside me tugging at my sleeve and pulling me to follow him. I was still stunned. Who has opened the door? Or had the door been open all along? Well, I will never know but it wasn’t such a difficult escape after all.

I was ready for the world, I was ready to go on my numerous planned adventures.

This story is written by Adesola Adesesan (2017).

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  1. Wow. Beautiful writing. Love how the writer was able to create and name 3 imaginery characters and worked with them. Great Job.

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