THE COSTLY ERROR. By: Mr. Spectacular.


They had been together as friends
Hoping to take it up a notch
Make it the kind that has no end
Probably drink to it some Scotch

But then the costly is taken
Which almost causes the ship to sink
It’s so badly shaken
It does fall off the brink

They had been sweethearts
Ever since

Battered by cupids darts
Talking about Nelly & Prince

Loving each other up
At every given chance
Filling each other’s cup
With the tea of romance

Then one certain day
She does something sort of unreasonable
Which of course will turn her heart from being gay
Something birthing the treasonable

The day before
They are with each other
Sharing their hopes as are in store
And how they’ll take it further

This is done till late
And so she leaves in a hurry
Heart in a panic-state
She does so well to scurry

By seven-forty- five
She realizes there’s something she was to collect
But she is late for work which is a long-drive
She tries,a different option,to select

Then she realizes
Oh yeah my friend
Who she sensitizes
On the reason she is at that end

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Her friend agrees to the plan
Gets to it at a quick match
To the house of her friend’s man
With no one on the watch

She knocks the door
And he let’s her in
Before long,they’re already on the floor
Committing the sin

After which he asks with Inquisitiveness

What was it you actually came for by the way
She says: A property of her highness
Which she had left after the last visit she did pay
Oh yeah that

She did say she will send someone for it
In our last phone-chat
I’ll go for it, please sit
He comes out
With the forgotten item

Which is then handed over but not without another bout
As she seems for him,really clem
Nelly walks in
She bursts into silent tears

As she beholds the sin
Seeing her fiancé and her friend in their under wears
She screams in pain
What is the tit for this tat?
What d’you hope to gain?
She storms out in disdain
Headed for her car
She ignores the rain
Storms off with the speed of a shooting star

In her pain
She unleashes her speed demon
And there comes a need to refrain
But she can’t, at this point, the control element summon
And in so little a time
Her car goes through a number of same
Very many in rime

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The damage was in no way tame
Burnt beyond recognition
Because of a friend’s wicked act
Done without remorse-conviction

An act they cannot retract
Now she’s gone
Just because she thought she could trust
Her biggest error
Which she won’t be alive to regret


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