#Art: THE BOTTLED LEOPARD. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.



Art by Fiwajomi PhotoArt

Medium: Pastel on Pastel Paper 12*18 inch

This is not the original cover art of the famous book ‘’The Bottled Leopard’’ written by Chukwemeka Ike but it’s more like a throw back to the books we read as children that subconsciously developed our creativity which cannot be ignored. Literature and Art are intertwined and bear so much similarity which reveals how deep and vast we Africans are and how we are deeply connected to our heritage.
Although the western culture as taken over us and their religion ‘Christianity’’ has shown us a better way of living, yet we can’t ignore the fact that we are spiritual being connected to our roots via diverse means.

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Written by Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

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