Pencil drawing has been in existence since 1565 when a Swiss-German scientist and naturalist Conrad Gesner inserted a graphite core into a wooden holder. Ever since then pencils have been used for various purposes.
But the art of pencil drawing is aimed at creating a black and white feel of a human being, animal, or an abstract.

Photos by @fiwajomiphotoart

Just like painting, it has its techniques and tools and can be maximized depending on the skill and tools used. As a portrait artist, I make use of Kimberly Graphite Pencil, General Charcoal Pencil, Vine Charcoal, Woodless Charcoal pencil, Alabaster Paper, Kneaded Easer and Mono Tombow Eraser.
Although these tools are essential, you could still achieve a relatively good pencil drawing with pencils available in a local art store.
A quick view to my method of drawing.
First I grid my reference picture and reproduce these grids on a paper, then sketch out the image. Its time consuming but gives me more details and minimal error compared to free hand sketch. I also pay attention to three tones of shades. The shadows, midtones and highlights.

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This helps in creating a realistic image as it shows the amount of light falling on the subject. To get these tones right, you must understand the values your pencils gives, the hard pencils produces more highlights for you and such pencils are within the range of 2H-9H, for your mid tones you have the HB pencils, while for a darker feel you make use of the soft pencils which are 2B-9B (these values are relative depending on your subjects.

Finally I prefer to shade in circular motion till I achieve the desirable result. If you have a passion for art, why not give it a try. Take caution, good artworks requires a lot of patience, commitment and it is for those ‘’who never say never’’.


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