#TedTalks: LESSONS FROM TEDxBOWEN. By: StacySpeaks.


Just in case you’ve been hearing a lot about Tedx events and wondering what it really is about. Here is your answer; Tedx is an initiative of Ted conferences independently organised by local communities such as slums, prisons, schools, theatre, halls etc where people gather together to hear the global conversation about our shared future and discuss on ideas worth sharing. Tedx grants licence to the local communities to share ideas, views, curiosity, inspiration, action and critical thinking based on the Ted format but the conferences are independent ideas of the speakers.

TedxBowen took place on Friday, April 13, 2018 at the Library seminar room in Bowen University, Iwo with the theme, ‘Evolving Change’. There were 11 Speakers and 6 performers at the event; this blog post is a re-cap of important points discussed by each speaker.

Oluwaseun Joshua Ayansola – Host
Don’t settle for the changes life gives you but the change you desire,
As change evolves don’t just be swimmers with the tide waves.
What you see is what you become.
Who have been looking for capital to start your business but you are wearing and eating that capital.
You are bothered about the designer name you are wearing when you don’t even have a name.

Speaker 1: Yemisi Ajeojo
Topic: Social Media is Your New CV.
Yemisi Ajeojo got 3 job offers she never applied for as a resilt of her impact on social media.
Social Media has created room for information democracy.
Social Media encourages trends with the use of hashtags (#). Some of her favourite hashtags are: #MeToo #WeAreNigerianCreatives. #BringBackOurGirls.
Employers now search for people on social media because it is more time consuming to advertise jobs and call for interviews.
People don’t just buy products anymore, they buy into people. So the big question is: What are you selling?
Be more intentional and strategic in all you do on social media as the internet never forgets.
Make the best out of every social media platform.

Speaker 2: Bade Smart.
Topic: 3 Changes you Should Go Through.
Bade Smart is an orphan who throughout his life has experienced several changes.
Change 1: Self Realisation.
How well do you know yourself?
In every step you take how does it express you?
Every step you take where does it take up you?
The moment you don’t find joy in the job you are doing then you are working; the moment you see your job as a hobby that is self-realisation.
Change 2: Self Believability.
You can’t believe in what you have not realised. Talk to yourself on what you want to be.
Change 3: The God Factor.
You are what you tell yourself you are.
You will drown yourself in what you tell yourself you are.
Declare what you want in life; it works. Today’s prayers make the future smoother.
If your dreams don’t scare you then you are not dreaming.
Say this brief prayer, Lord wherever I go to let it be my promise land.

Speaker 3: Olajide Olafuyi.
Topic: It Pays To Be Deaf.
If you react to everything you hear there wouldn’t be an evolving change.
Shut your ears from negativity.
Empty vessels speak the loudest so be deaf to people who try to bring you down.
You must not listen to everything you hear.

Speaker 4: Professor Kolawole Olawale.
You are naturally created to fulfil a particular mission, to create change.
You must have a dream now; get your mission before you can purse your vision.
There is something in you that is not of age but that God has put in you.
Make up your mind to make your impact know.
When you have a vision don’t let circumstances discourage you.
See a need and make a change.

Speaker 5: Femi Omilani.
Topic: Agricultural Entrepreneurship.
65% of businesses in Nigeria die off within the first three years of establishment.
Sometimes a solution is not really the solution. Sometimes the miracle is in your house.

Speaker 6: Dr. Abel Akintunde.

Topic: The Malady of the Celebrity Culture.
The celebrity culture is the system that credits some hard work and neglects others.
The silence of some hard work is a discredit to those hard works.
We should imbibe the gratitude culture where everyone can be celebrated.
If we all have the gratitude culture we would be able to go back to say thank you to people that have helped us in times past.
With the gratitude culture there would be no discrimination among courses in the University. Everyone will be seen as important.

Speaker 7: Fiyinfoluwa Ewetola
Topic: My Passion.
You must be consistent while doing your passion.
The business won’t just happen, it has to grow.
A passion that is consistent is always celebrated.
Be inquisitive.
Nurse your passion like a growing child; give your best resources to your business.
Learn more; challenge yourself.
Gain a mastery of your skill.
The amount of time and value you give your passion depends on how people will view that passion.
Build carefully and systematically; appreciate your process.

Speaker 8: Femi Oyedele.
Topic: The Sound of Excellence.
Excellence is all the connection you need.
To stay winning, you must keep winning.
When you are successful don’t let it get to your head.

Speaker 9: Faith Oyedele.
Topic: Demystification of Distinctive Scholarship.
Realise what you are doing and do it well.
Align your passion with what you are doing right now.
Change your circle of friends if need be.
Make progress while having healthy competition.
Exhibit confidence even when there is nothing in your head about a fact.

Speaker 10: Adetutu Adedoyin.
Topic: You need to be informed before you can inform others.
You are what you take in.
Build yourself till you ready to come out.
When you are chasing your dreams you’ll do a lot of free jobs.
Ask yourself, why are they flying and why can’t I fly?

Speaker 11: Abolarin Oluwajuwon.
Topic: Schooling Vs Education.
Schooling is attending an institution, writing exams and getting certificates.
Education is using your knowledge to have an impact in the society.
Think like an employer not like an employee.
Read books, meet people, play good games to help you coordinate your eyes and mind.
Education helps you to relate with real life situation.
Your grades don’t make you. Getting good grades is nice but getting functional knowledge is better.

Other performers at the TedxBowen University conference were:

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