TALE OF A PSYCHOPATH Part 2. By: Ordeezy

Love was all he tried to carve

Due to rejection he was left to starve

He crowned you his queen, his only muse

You fed him theatrical words, he was being used

Your rejection of him was mantra in his head

You couldn’t introduce him to your friends

Pain made his heart shudder

Rejected by all except his late mother

Suicide was the option till he pondered

Could the world feel my pain? He wondered

Then the devil was born

Rapist at night, arsonist by dawn

His victims met with death

No emotions just frisson with earth

A psychopath with no escape and no end


Till suicide was his vision in his blood bed

To meet his mother and her smiling face

To hear ‘I love you ‘ in hell, his resting place.


You can also watch the full video of this poem on youtube https://youtu.be/EF6oKYBtTMU

This piece is put together by Ordeezy 2017.

Author: stacyspeaks

Creativity feeds my soul.

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