#StoryTime: IT’S A MAN’S WORLD: Episode 7.


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The following week was cold and tragic for me; everyone in the Department was mournful. I cried as I watched how Bayo’s mother held his corpses; she wailed endlessly and didn’t want to accept the fact that her son was gone. It was sad for everyone and at this point I knew that no one in this school would ever want to be my friend. “Abeg o! I don’t want to die. Please leave, Tope saw this coming and she warned you”, Tracey said in an exasperated manner. “But… But where will I go? You girls are all I have left in this school”, I wept even more while begging my friends to show me some love and sympathy. “I warned you didn’t I? You never listened to me. Now Bayo is dead because of you, it’s all your fault. His blood is on you”, Tope said as tears ran down her cheeks, she couldn’t help herself. All I could do was sit lifelessly on the floor and cry; Bayo was dead and it’s my fault.


I spent most of that day beneath the tree; this was the last place we had been together before his death. Everyone that passed by me shook their head and made me feel like I am a plague in the land. I felt cursed. It was getting late so I headed back to the hostel hoping the girls will give me some peace of mind to sleep in my room. I began to think of how terrible my life has become and how lonely it’s going to be since I no longer have Bayo, I have no one to talk to, no friend at all. I would live in solitude till I graduate. It was less than 8 months to graduation; I have no choice than to endure till then.

I kept on staring at the at the sky while watching the sun set and I said to myself, “the end is beautiful” before I could give up on my thoughts someone tapped my arm and said “hi” firmly. The voice didn’t sound friendly but I wasn’t even expecting anyone to be my friend with all that is happening so I responded innocently to his greeting.
The next thing that got me conscious of the mess that surrounded me was when he said, “I’m sorry I startled you but I have come to pay homage to the girl responsible for Bayo’s death.”


Now some strange men who were also in his company put on a touch light probably to indicate their presense. With my trebling voice I asked, “Who are you?” “I’m Tunji and everyone in Engineering Department knows me so it breaks my heart that you don’t.” My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t want to provoke him so I asked in the most gentle voice I could, “What do you want from me?”

His response were very scary, he began to speak nicely to me and this got me really scared, “I warned you didn’t I? I sent you the most romantic rose filled letter you could every get from anyone but you refused to compile with my desire. What will it have cost you to change your course? What point are you trying to prove? I guess your life doesn’t matter to you but your ego does.”
It’s him, I just realised. The blood lettering on the wall, the letter on her bed, the anonymous voice that threatened her with a gun on the field. I began to think of how fast I can save myself before the worst happens to me but I had no idea.
Out of the blues I started to utter all sorts of nonsense that I couldn’t even understand, “If anything happens to me, if I get missing for a few minutes or you hurt me, my father come after you and get you arrested.”

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I tried to walk away as I spoke with a little bit of confidence but stopped immediately they all pointed their guns at me, I trembled; I knew I couldn’t escape it. Guns! Nothing good ever came out of guns.
Tunji laughed so hard and said, “Life is made up of two kinds of people: the powerful and powerless. Equality is an illusion, only a child’s dream. It is the principle of life that one must be greater than the other. It’s not a matter of choice, I didn’t choose to be a man; I was made to dominate powerless, inferior beings like you. This is the balance; anyone who tries to alter it will definitely pay the price which you are going to pay soon. Ugochi, it is evident that I belong to the powerful class, I have all the power and affluence I need to consume you and above all I am a man so you should see me as a god.” He pointed his gun to my forehead and was about to pull the trigger.

He said a few words that made me convinced that my time was up, “let me reunite you with your boyfriend, you have overstayed your welcome here. This is it, your end.” There was no two ways about it, I was already dead inside and my body was about to be shut out as well so I closed my eyes and welcomed death but he kept laughing for what felt like 10 minutes. I opened my eyes and saw his squad laughing as well. They had all been making a fool of me.
“Do you think I’ll let you go easily. No my dear. I’ll need to make you pay for all the stress and shame you’ve put me through over the years. I’ll make you feel pain; I’ll show you what it means to be weak, helpless and powerless. I’ll teach you to know your place in this world. In fact you’ll beg me to take your life” he walked towards me with tranquil steps that terrified my soul.

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As he pronounced all these in the twinkle of an eye and traced his hands from my earlobe to my cheek, chin down to my bosom. I shivered.
Before I even had the chance to shout for help, he had slapped me and kicked me to the ground. One of his boys picked me up effortlessly like a piece of rag and tossed me to one another. They all ripped my clothes roughly, mocked and laughed at me. I tried to fight back and save myself but I guess it’s true that I am indeed powerless.

They touched me without my consent, in fact who was I to have stopped them? From different directions, I could feel their hands all over me. I couldn’t even tell how many they were but I think they were five and soon I was laying on the floor with no single piece of clothing not even my pant.

They all touched and held me firmly as they spread my legs and I felt someone go down into me. I didn’t know who exactly it was but I could smell Tunji, I could smell blood, I could smell death.
I continued to scream as he went deeper. It wasn’t time to be a super hero, he had taken away my pride, one thing I had lived to protect; I cried and begged him countless times but all he did was drip his sweat on me and remain the animal he has proven to be. When he was done with me he stood up and said, “good, you are beginning to know your place, there’s still a lot to learn. You’ll still beg some more and I won’t have mercy because you were warned.

“Guys the show is yours”. He said to the other guys. I thought they were done with me when they all came on me one at a time, defiled me, cursed me and spat on me when they were done. The pain was endless, I cried, I have been raped by not just one cult guy but five of them.

They left me there to die, I was helpless and had to help myself out of this mess before someone else found me.

To be continued next Friday.

Written by: Ordeezy 2018.

Photo source:  Google chrome images

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