StacySpeaks’ 365 Days Of Writing: Day 4.


It was about 5 weeks to the end of the semester, that spelt doom for me; not that I was unprepared for exams but because I had spent every passing day trying to remain unnoticed in my slightly populated lecture hall. However, it was now time to stand before all as I defend my class project, in the presence of my lecturer who I think I’m in love with. Anyway, I made a plan which I thought was perfect! You might think I suffer glossophobia but I don’t and it’s absolutely beyond what you think. I’ve fallen in love with him since the first day he taught us; his speech is clean, spotless and well built body, nice hair cut and his grey hair is everything. I’m sure he spent quite some time standing before the mirror combing each strand of hair on his face, I mean his eyebrows turned me on.

I had made sure I passed every test and class work just to impress him but I still went unnoticed so I hope my plan pans out well! The time came and I limped to the stage with my file and a bottle of water in my hand before I could look up to take the next step, he had walked close to me and said slowly, “Are you sure you can do this right now?” I looked him in the eye and muttered something in between yes and no; I am not sure what it was but I know that I had collapsed almost immediately. I fell in his arms just as planned but I wasn’t faking it this time. I think he carried me to the health center and stayed close by till I gained consciousness. Our eyes locked into each other’s again, his brown eyes glowed.


He asked if I was alright saying, “I wonder what could have been wrong with you because the doctors are still trying to diagnose the nature of your illness, you are my best student and it’s not the best time to be indisposed. I noticed you even when you thought you were hiding”. We both laughed as he held my hand and waved bye then said, “Get well soon as I can’t wait to see how much work you’ve put into your project”.

As I write to you, I can only say that I had played my penalty into throwing because I would be right before him tomorrow morning after I get discharged making a substandard presentation which would certainly disappoint him.

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