#SpokenWords: CHRISTIANITY. By: Nacre.


I know of a lady
She’s beautiful, pure and perfect
Full of every good,
Whose humility is deep and true
She has always dreamt to be
Amazed with glowing colors
But now full of pain
She’s being abuse
Her dignity vanished in one night
On the tabs of heart is written- anguise
Her feels of her woman is gone.

This lady is Christianity
Christianity has been molested and robbed of her pride,
By the creations of men called religion.
Christianity was never meant to be a religion
But a movement of called out people
Who follow a new king other than themself;
It was never about making sure you keep the religious rules,
It was never about going to church,
It was never about living up to people’s expectation and
Never about doing the right thing at the right time.


Christianity was never about your personal comfort
and entertainment while on board.
It was never about decent dressing, doing good, praying or even saying the truth;
You know why?
Because people in the secular world do just the same.
See, Christianity was never a group for the perfect people because throughout biblical history,
Adulterers, slaves, prostitute, corrupted tax collectors, liars, thieves, fornicators, self-righteous, disabled and persecutors were the real Christians who were imperfect people resting in the grace of Christ.

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Christianity opted into a political agenda,
But was never about party politics
Christianity is bigger than republican,
Democrats and independents.
Its expanse rolls through history
World events, leaders and nations
It rises above to represent a here but not yet kingdom.
With Christ on the throne, ruling
Their vote was always for Jesus
Above everything and everyone else

Christianity is a community of people

Dead-set on making much of Christ and seeing his rule and reign realized through obedience , sacrifice and worship.
It is a 24/7 life commitment to follow
a savior who changed the world
not a weekend warrior sport;
a collection of people who are
battle-charged to go into the world
And make Jesus known at every moment.
Christianity is a message of hope,
forgiveness and reconciliation.
Christianity at its core is about pointing people to the radical grace of Christ and his work on the cross to rescue sinners not and not to stop people from getting government healthcare.


The battle is real;
you and I are on a dangerous mission
but the outcome is stellar.
Remember its not about duty,
but joy, passion, goodness and fullness.
Its dying to self and not a ticket to heaven
Its about fostering a relationship with your true king.
Not that mathematical formula;
do this, then do this, and don’t do that

Written by: Nacre.

Photos: Google Chrome Images.

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