#SpokenWords: AGED ‘THE WRONG IN OUR Culture’. By: Shallyola.


There is a saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”
I thought….. “this is deep!”
But again, cultural wrongs are wrongs also
So to do right am doing this. 
Respect has been confused for foolishness
And foolishness for respect;
It seems cool to be fools to respect people. 

The mouth is padlocked with silence
When it comes to defending one’s self. 
Am sorry! Am sorry! Are the only words the mouth utters;
Meanwhile the words in us that we ought to say burns deep within us
The lips stay sealed and we are trampled on with words
Words that break the walls of our self-esteem, 
Walls that helps us through the rough day
And like Jericho’s walls, 
Someone’s words

Someone who feels they’re older
Breaks those walls
Crushes them such that they cannot be raised again. 

Someone who does not understand that Age is nothing but numbers. 
Okay lets say you “Aged”
I mean your words should help build confidence
But your “Numbers” comes out with words
Yes! Words!
Words that destabilizes and hurts
Your “Numbers” insults my respect
And turns me to a fool. 
It’s true you have the “Numbers”  
But then there is a saying that a fool at 40 is a fool forever
Your “Numbers” never heard of that? 
No! it didn’t
But it knows how to break the walls of others. 

It knows how to wound
It knows how to trample others esteem
Respect does not give you the right to override others humanity
And respect they say is reciprocal
So it’s true you got the “Numbers”
But don’t forget we are all humans
And those with lesser “Numbers need to be respected also
This is what your “Numbers” should equal:
They should equal Discipline
They should equal self control
They should equal proper organization
They should equal love
They should equal concern for others
They should equal maturity
They should equal support
They should equal hope
And remember respect is earned and not commanded. 

Written by:  Shallyola

Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.

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