Do we really know ourselves as much as we think we do? I’m not talking about our history or hidden talents or internal organs or lineage… None of these. I’m talking about our sense of judgement, reaction in certain situations, level of calmness or anger…

“You know; we don’t really know ourselves as much as we think we do”. We only know ourselves to the extent of the situations we have found ourselves in or we have experienced at different times and because we haven’t found ourselves in situations different from the ones we have experienced or we are common with, we practically do not know what we can do, what we can handle or how we can handle it.

So many people when asked what they would do in a given situation, lest say “being chased by a dog” funny right? So what would you do if you were chased by a dog with rabies? Now for someone who has been involved in such situation before, would simply tell you what he/she did when they experienced it, and they are likely to do it again, or even better when they experience such again in latter days. But for someone who hasn’t been in such situation before, he would only tell you what he thinks he would do. He has never been chased by a dog with rabies before, he doesn’t know himself to that extent of the scenario given. He only knows himself as far as the situations he has experienced.

Situations define our actions, our intentions, our reaction. They define our behavior. They define us. I was privileged to talk to an Anatomy student who happened to be my roommate. I discussed this topic with him “Situation: The Judge of Human Behavior” and as a well learned and versed Anatomy student that he is, he made me realize what I’m taking so long to explain, isn’t different from what he called “reflex”.

Wow, he literally shut me up there because to an extent, he was right. In fact, I didn’t know what to say anymore, he caught me off guard, I was speechless. All of what I did and how I reacted to what he said played as it did because I hadn’t seen myself in that situation before. I explain it as that situation, judged by my behavior. This a picture of what I am saying. If I were to be asked what I would do if someone was to counter my idea with just one word and shut me up, I’d probably have given an answer like, “I’d definitely counter him as well”, and that’s because I’m only saying what I think I would do and not what I would actually do since I’m currently not in that situation. Do not get me wrong sometimes people actually find themselves doing the things they claim they would do if they were confronted by certain situation but this is only sometimes, not most times.
From the perspective of Social Science(s), human behavior tends to change at different times. Better still, different times are predicted through demand and supply. In Social Science, human behavior is mostly predicted within the walls of demand and supply and price change also. These factors of prediction happen to be the SITUATIONS surrounding us (don’t forget we’re still talking about ‘’Situation: The Judge of Human Behavior). These situations are responsible for certain ways consumers behave. That is, they dictate the response of consumers, making them react the way they do when met with conditions of demand and supply (situation) not because they want to or they choose to or because they know to but the situation compels them to. At this point I prefer to say “Situation: The Reason for Human Behavior” rather than “Situation: The Judge of Human Behavior”.
In all, the situations we are surrounded by most times dictate to us rather than we dictate to them. It is important we know to think things through just right before we react. Situations I believe play the game of “The Illusion of Control”. We sink in the illusion of being in control of the situation with our pulse like; reactions and responses and behavior, not realizing we are only playing the game wrongly.
“Think through and understand the situation, only then our decisions become the reason for the situations”. 

This is an original piece written by Mofeoluwa Abimbolu (2017). 

Photo source: Google Chrome.

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  1. This is a really powerful piece. I hope many people get to read this to create awareness to people about how they quickly judge other people’s decisions to certain situations without experiencing it themselves.

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