SILENCE. By: Feezah.

I’m oppressed, suppressed, depressed, all other types of ‘pressed’ that exists, and silence, my friend is my weapon.

I’m a warrior at the battle front, trying to stab my opponents with this weapon (somebody would definitely die, but I’m not saying who).

My life is being terminated and I’m begging profusely to be rescued, I’m begging in silence, I want to shout, I really want to, but I can’t. If not, they’ll kill me even faster. I was joy, now I live next to sorrow, I was the life of the party but now, death has found me, and it moves closer every day. I was a lot, but now, I’ve been reduced to bits, to nothingness.

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I was the master of talking and writing but now, here I am, alone, writing in my new ink: silence. I’m living in silence, dying in silence. I want to explain these to the world but not everyone understands my new language.

This piece is written by Feezah 2017 while the pictures were gotten from google chrome.

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