It’s that time of the year when you begin to hear things like, “make sure you drop your bad attitude before the year runs out, don’t carry this into the new year”. My question remains, “Must you wait till the end of a year before you decide to drop a bad habit?” A resolution can be made at anytime, let’s not just make it a new year affair because it doesn’t really work that way.

A resolution is a strong will or desire to get something done and can only be achieved through determination. You just don’t become determined in one day; determination takes a conscious effort at getting something done.

If you have resolved in your heart that you are going to smile more often despite the situation you are surrounded by then you have to start from somewhere. You start from finding out things you enjoy doing that makes you happy and do them frequently; soon those things will unconsciously bring you happiness and peace of mind. At this point you ll find yourself smiling more. It didn’t work for you in one day, it took weeks and months of practice. Whatever you do frequently becomes a habit, so if you don’t like something and you want to change it, try doing it everyday and it becomes a habit.

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Many people start the new year with their new year resolutions. They write down a whole lot of things they’ll like to stop and many more they’ll want to start but before the end of the first two weeks in the new year they have forgotten about it. This is because they have it programmed in their head that it’s only at the beginning of a new year they can resolve to be a better person. I want you to know that you can resolve to do something today and start working on it immediately with a determination to make it a habit.

Don’t wait for a new year. Be the change you ask for.

As we conclude the year let’s not forget the lesson we have learnt, the joys we have shared, our tears and fears in 2017 because they’ll equip us for a better year ahead.
Cheers to a wonderful 2018.

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Written by StacySpeaks (2017).

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  1. Thumbs up lady, one can only fight a thought with a bigger and more appealing thought.
    To change any of your value you need a much bigger and captivating value to absorb your attention away from the old value.
    Wish you a splendid New Year, 2018.

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