QOTD 06/09/17


If you could call up anyone in the world and have a one hour conversation, who would you call and why do you choose that person?

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0 thoughts on “QOTD 06/09/17

  1. I’m not a phone conversation person but I think I will call my employer, and complain why the organization must increase my salary 😂😁😁

  2. https://greyartsshespeaks.wordpress.com/
    If it were opened to the dead I’ll ptolly choose Williams Wordsworth and ask him “Why he was so creative and deep”
    His poetry gets me in another level, like the words take different tolls in me in ways I can’t describe. Whenever I read them it pushes me to do more and want to write more.👌
    But as for the living you already know now abi do I have to spell it out again. My sweetest addiction😂😂
    BTW this I’d really thoughtful
    I’m priding in you😘😘

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