NATURE AND FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. By: IOC Productions. Episode 1: (Puff-Puff).


Photography to me is more than the pictures and the serene. It’s also about the beauty that a picture has or what makes a picture beautiful. Nature and Food Photography are two aspects I love and focus on. In various episodes  i would be using pictures to explain what inspired and led me to take each.

Today’s episode is PUFF PUFF.

By popular demand, puff puff is one of the most consumed  pastry in Nigeria. One day I took out time to see how she gently mixed the flour, yeast, sugar, salt,and water together. Do you know the exciting part, she cut thin slices of fresh pepper into the mixture before leaving it to rise for a while. I could already perceive the aroma, before she carefully scoops the paste with her hands and the puff puff sits gently in the oil. It’s beauty begins to glow when it starts turning golden brown. This is something that keeps me in awe as they all dance separately in the frying pan without colliding to each other. What inspired me to take this picture is its beauty and the way it’s big. I buy nothing less than five on a daily basis because its beautiful, difficult to resist, sweet and can serve as breakfast or a mid-day snack. If you haven’t tried puff puff please you need to give it a try and feel to return here to share your puff puff testimony. 

This picture and write up is a creative work by IOC Productions 2017.


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