Someday I sit on my balcony wishing there was a way,

means, technology or a device that could record ideas that roam around my head

So that I can recall and develop those little thoughts into a great empire.

Yea, she told me that ideas only stick around for 15 seconds;

after which they walk away if they are not captured, scripted or applied.

Is that really true?

Why can’t they stay for 15 minutes or an hour?

These are the silly questions I ask myself while trying to excuse my lazy self.


It is a thief of ideas, killer of dreams, waster of time and sweeper of opportunity. 

Do not let it eat into your life and infest your visions,

Because it would terminate your goals even before it starts.

As dad always says, ‘What you have to do, do quick.’

This piece is written by StacySpeaks while the photo source is Google Chrome.

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0 thoughts on “PROCRASTINATION. By: StacySpeaks

  1. Procrastination is a bad habit, that kills ideas that suppose to have make some people great in life. That’s why we need to cultivate good habit and wake up from our slumber. Nice1 stacy

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