#Poetry: SHE’S BROKEN. By: Pipeloluwa.


For I was empty because I completed him, he left me in the valley to walk down the aisle alone.

My heart was scared of letting go because I didn’t want to forget us but you had already forgotten me so I never had a chance with you which made me broken.


I’m still here, on this ship without a captain for you were my anchor I pray I don’t get drowned. There’s a black hole in your soul which moulded to my love that was your lust and I’m here lost in my fate hoping to see a glimpse of your face.

My heart throbbed farther as his presence became my nightmare and so I’m left to wither like the flowers without sun because you’ve turned to be my shield on this field without weapons but my heart which was slain by you.

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I’m broken, I can see my pieces scattered; I’m empty cause I was full in you. I’ve become a circle that keeps going round without a destination; my heart has been without beats and my life has been without blood. I’m leaving but my soul is still clung to you like like an infant to milk.

My heart has been deprived from pleasure and have been burdened to leisure without a feature of my nature which is LOVE!

Though I wanted you to be my sun so you’ll radiate my heart but you have become my past which didn’t last but I’m still here… In pains.

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Written by: Pipeloluwa

Social media handle: @ Lholhuwharh

Photos from: Google chrome images.

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