PERFECTION. By: StacySpeaks.

You know how long it takes.
You of all people know how long it takes to achieve perfection.
The sleepless nights you spend surfing the internet
To become that perfect being.

So where is perfection?
Is it in makeup? The extra lines you add to your face?
God should have realised you needed eyebrows like that
Maybe God isn’t perfect too, only perfection can make perfection.
Is it in the heels? The extra heights that make you stand out…
Ouch!… It starts to hurt, quickly put on your slippers.
Oh… Shit! The extra heights are gone!
Is it in thick thighs? Guys love thick thighs, ass that twerks
It’s worth dying for except they love the thighs not you.
Is it in those busty chest? Those jugs that can feed a community.
They would grope and look at them but not you.
So where is perfection?!
Maybe you should chase happiness instead of perfection
You’re beautiful. Do not get depressed by critics
You are beautiful. You cannot satisfy everyone.
You are who you are and not someone else.
You can never be someone else. You are beautiful.
A unique creation, you’re perfect in your way.

Written by: Ordeezy.

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