#Parentsworldwide: DEAR PARENTS, PLEASE DON’T DIE ON US. By: FeezahWrites.


Dear parents,

Please don’t die on us. We are currently struggling with the many troubles life has thrown at us at our very young ages, and the only reason we’re surviving at all is because we have you.

If you die, we’ll die to, we’ll die inside, a place way too deep for the world to see. We might not show that we love you the way you want to be shown, but please accept the twisted ways we show we care, and please don’t die on us. We may fight and argue, cry and yell. We may not communicate with you in the way you want, but please forgive us for we know not what we’re doing. If you die on us, it’ll hurt us deep within our souls, because we won’t know how to survive without you. And even when we learn to survive, the scars your deaths will leave will remain forever.

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It’ll hurt our friends, the ones closest to us, because they can’t bear to see us hurt. It’ll hurt everyone that comes near us, because we’ll no longer know how to deal with humans and we may treat them unkindly. So, if you die on us, you’re really just hurting the world, and that’s why we beg you, in the name of God in whom you taught us to believe in, please don’t die on us. Wait till we buy you all the fancy cars and build for you the classiest mansions. Wait till we take you round the world and literally just shower you with money. Wait till we give you the most beautiful grandkids and make you smile every single day, and even then, please don’t die on us.

To the parents that have died before now, we forgive you, and we pray you dwell in heaven forever. I write this on behalf of every child in the world, to every parent in the world. I began with this, I repeated this a couple of times in between, and I’m ending with this: DEAR PARENTS, PLEASE DON’T DIE ON US.

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