OUR BEING! By: Akanji.


Sometimes we feel the huge wave of what our identity is, how we came to know what this identity is, and why we think much about our identity.

Then, I realized it is because the word identity seems not to be a useful word anymore because we apply it to different things.  I believe this visual piece explores our diversified nature, and the origin of contemporaneous identity.

The use of the “hatched baby” is to illustrate the innocence of our contemporaneous identity, the rudiment of our identity, the mental ability in understanding the creation of contemporaneous identity as well as how it stirred our imagination and opened up a new world. In this piece of art, I personalized the scene by using the head as an African figurative expression for the traditional artistic character and merging it into the Mediterranean complexional identity. In essence, the theme helps to reflect our experiences in the world; it does this by espousing the mind with the search for identity and engaging us in an open-ended means of expression, literacy, civic engagement, and critical thinking of exploring figurative pattern out of chaos in a way that refashions the innate quality of our being.

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Keywords: painting, oil painting, abstract, Akanji, Embryology, baby

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract Expressionism,

Mediums: Oil painting

This piece was painted and put together by Akanji 2017.

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