#NigerianWriters: IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. Final Episode.


Previously on It’s A Man’s World Episode 9

My hands shivered with anxiety; it was time for my judgement. I opened the door gently; I had prayed to the God who my mother had always taught me to believe in and I was prepared for the worst. Everyone was seated with all eyes focused on me. I didn’t have the guts to sit or get on anyone’s last nerve.


The silence that enveloped the room was dismissed at the sound of one of the panelist’s voice, “Miss Ugochi, do you know this young man standing over there?”  I looked towards his direction and saw the dark skinned guy standing opposite me. “No, I don’t know him” I replied. We don’t expect you to know him anyway. He is Damilola Adeleke, the younger brother to late Bayo; he claims to have an evidence to prove your innocence. Mr, Adeleke the floor is yours, speak.

This was a surprise to me, things were happening too fast, it was unbelievable, I had no idea that Bayo even had a younger brother in this school; we had too many troubles around us which prevented us from speaking about our families. I turned to Damilola there was this resemblance, I could recognise Bayo’s smile in his brother’s face as the young boy gave me an assuring expression.
Damilola began to speak confidently,

My brother told me about a girl he was in love with, and he had never been interested in any other lady for as long as I knew him. I was sceptical and had a bad feeling about you so I told him to stay away from you because I had seen you with Eze severally. When my brother died that day I immediately concluded that you were the mastermind and it was your major agenda. I thought you were also a cult member working for Eze. I began to follow you, my plan was to gather enough evidence to show the world how evil you are, I need to prove your guilt. I trailed your every move and even suspected you more because you had no friends and always went out alone at night. Then I was there that day, the sad night when you were sexually abused by a group of guys in public. When I saw you with Tunji and his guys, I tried to link your connection with him and finally concluded that you were there for a meeting to discuss the success of my brother’s death and plan your next operation. I took out my camera and began to record the scene, suddenly I saw you on the floor; I never expected them to treat you that way as they took turns to defile you. I recorded the incidence from the beginning till the end when you struggled to work back home; I felt that they would have killed me if I came to your rescue. Before my brother’s death he had told me about your plight, we were very close so he told me everything that went on with him. I thought you were only creating strategies to draw him closer to you. I’m really sorry for judging you wrongly, for being so insensitive. Here is the video recording of that dangerous night. This lady is innocent, you all have put her through enough pain already she needs to rest, she needs to feel loved and accepted. Let’s do what is right and let justice prevail in this case.”

A male panelist walked up to where I stood and tapped my shoulder saying, “Miss Ugochi Ikechukwu, with this evidence, Mr Damilola Adeleke has proved your innocence, you are a free being and the school apologizes for all that has happened to you. You can now go to your hostel, the boys involved will be punished adequately.”

I was already in tears. Just when I thought my life was over, I had hope again. I thanked Damillola for coming to my rescue and he said “Bayo loved you and he’s watching over you.” I walked out of the room with a smile on my face.

***Eight Months Later***

Convocation Day,

I was presented with the award of overall best graduating student with 5 other honorary awards and was called upon to give a speech; I have waited for this day all my life. I began my speech, “I dedicate these awards to young girls out there with big dreams in this world of full of men. Never give up on your dreams. If it’s worth it then chase it. Fight for it, die for it. Do not let negativity pull you down. I hope for a life where men will neither see us as a threat nor as inferior beings. I hope that this success of mine will inspire the world; we would have a world where it would be normal for both man and women to succeed and live significant lives, we will have women who will stand firm to speak and the world will listen. This is my dream, a realty I hope for; to celebrate a world of equality, a world where husbands see their wives as companions not as slaves, a world where women are given equal opportunity just like men. I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day but together we can make it happen. Let us make a better world for our children.”
The End.

Written by: Ordeezy (2018)

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