#NigerianPhotographers: BEAUTY IN SLEEP: (My Baby Shoot).

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Did I tell you that I’m into photography? Well yes, I do a lot of creative photography; In every shoot I take I try to put a touch of art into it.
My niece clocked three months and I decided to have a photo shoot of her. That morning I had my gear on and sped to my sister’s house, somewhere in Ibadan, Nigeria where I was welcomed in such a manner that only my stomach can relate with because I was first feed with a sumptuous meal after which I began to rearrange the living room in order to get a perfect scene for little Ayomikun. Oops! Ayomikun, that’s my niece’s name, she is the most adorable three months old baby you can have; she is camera friendly and meek just like her uncle.
I was set for the shoot and with the assistance of her mother we were able to get some really amazing shots. Although the pictures were all amazing but I hadn’t found the shot I needed; I call it the killer shot and every photographer always looks out for that perfect shot. It was almost evening and our model was getting tired of our paparazzi, she began to cry; she needed to sleep. As she laid in her mother’s arm, I saw a new view, the comfort found in the warmth of a mother’s arm. Ayo was fast asleep, I had picked up my gear and was ready to leave when I saw the peace in her sleep. I immediately unpacked, and asked her mother to lay her down on the bed. We saw the most adorable baby in the world, we saw what it felt like to be young and full of less worries. We saw what it was to be void of pain and hunger. We was a world of peace all in her cute sleeping face. Here we saw the beauty in sleep. Find a baby around you and take a picture of them sleeping. You will also find the beauty I found in sleep.
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