*Good day, you are welcome to Stacyspeaks.com and I am StacySpeaks, can we meet you?
I’m Ayefele Adedotun, popularly known as Balogun Hotziifele. I am an upcoming Nigerian artist.

*What’s your genre of music?

Erhmmmm I’ll call it groove music, tungba pop and afro pop.

*When did you begin your music career and what has the experience been like?
I started my music career about 2 years ago but music has been within me since birth. I was born into a family that loves and makes music 🎼

*So what has been your experience so far?
It has been a journey filled with of challenges, interest and fun so far. However, nothing good comes easy.

*Are your parents in support of your music career?
My mummy supports me a100% but my daddy want this boy to be a businessman.

*What convinced you that you have what it takes to be a music artist?
At a point in every man’s life he’ll know that there are certain things he can really do and his passion lies in it without anybody deceiving him.

*How many singles have you released and which of them has been a great hit for you based on your audience feedback?
I have released 4 singles and a remix. They include: Kabiyesi, Nibo,Tanana me and Eruku Oshodi. Among this 4 which was your best hit? I think Eruku Oshodi was that hit song. Eruku has become an anthem for many and its still hot in the street.

*What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of the song?
Eruku is just a dance vibe for people to make some sgaku shaku moves to and be happy
So bringing joy to people was the inspiration behind the song.

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*Are you under any record label? If yes, what are the benefits of record labels to music artists?
I’m not under an label. At this point in my career I’m still a cub trying to turn to a lion.

*What are your intentions for your music career on the long run?
I want to use my music to make a mark in life. I want my music to make my nation, family and mama proud. Balogun to the world 🌍
As well as using music to change lives and connect souls together.

*What achievements have you recorded in your music career?
The first achievement is self realization. Being happy with what I do. Then everything will start falling in place right from there.


*Say something encouraging to an upcoming musician out there who is about to give up on his music career.
I am still an upcoming musician but dear friend if you are thinking of dropping your career because its not easy or challenging, I hope you do not regret it for the rest of your life. 

Thanks for joining me on the blog today.

Thanks very much for having me.

You welcome

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