#NigerianCreatives: STAY WOKE. By: Pipeloluwa.

Our ship has been sunk into the hands of our relations who drowned us in the sea of their opinion; no wonder our ship was submerged so quick.
Our ship sailed through the wrong route, and for redirections we involved relations not knowing their intention was to see us drown apart.

Their lips broke our strings and ate deep into the fabric of our mainsail, leaving us to the mercy of the strong wind.
Their words made us their world; they spoke of us like they owned us and made us think in their own direction, we lost ourselves as ‘we’ and became all to them.
And so, we’ve become a story unfolded to people by characters who staged the plot.
Our hearts has become detached from one another as we’ve become strangers; this is my story, my mistake; this should not be yours, Stay woke!!

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Writer: Pipeloluwa.

Photo credit: Google Chrome Imagery.

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